What Is Windows 10 NTFS Flash Drive Formatting And How To Fix It?

Recently, some of our users have reported encounters with Windows 10 flash drives formatted in NTFS.

Open File Explorer.In the “Allowed” section, click Ce” “pc.sectionIn Devices and Drives, right-click the flash drive and select the Format option.Use this “file and system drop down menu” select our NTFS option.

format flash drive ntfs windows 10

File is a way of designing data. To work better, ordinary people must choose certain bodies in different situations. In this container, some users may try to format the USB drive to NTFS in Windows 10 for other reasons. For example, change the file system, copy to files too large for FAT32, repair a RAW USB drive, reset the USB drive to full and full size. But how to make 9 ce 5 without losing data is not an easy task if you are a little versed in computers and hard drives.

As for the page, this one will walk you through two easy ways to format or sometimes reformat a USB stick to ntfs. Some of them give you access to your data. So you can try which one suits you best. In addition, these solutions are also likely to apply to format an SD card, external hard drive, or other NTFS-enabled removable storage devices.

If there are a lot of files on the USB drive If you don’t have free space to move them, you can directly convert the file system attached to the USB drive to ntfs without formatting or losing files. . Here, in many cases, you can try to do it in two ways:

Two Ways To Extend USB To NTFS In Windows 10 Without 1 Formatting

Way. Convert NTFS To Cmd Working

1. In Windows 10: Swipe + windows X to open the context menu.

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2. You select the command line (Administrator) to open the command in administrator mode.

2.Type convert (letter /FS:NTFS, drive): e.g. convert /FS:NTFS g:.

After many simple steps, Windows will automatically start converting the system file. This may take some time if you have a very large disk.

Method 2: Convert NTFS To Using EaseUS Partitioning Software

If the cmd application is beyond your needs, and you know it’s hard to take risks, you can try the second method – convert the NTFS USB drive to use a third-party computer program. We here recommend the section Magic easyus. Platform. This is a powerful yet easy to use disk and partition tool for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. It can recommend you to successfully format or convert Push usb to ntfs on Windows 10/8/7 or other earlier versions with a simple mouse click.

Step 2. Select the FAT32 partition, right click it and “Convert select NTFS”. If you want to convert a storage device such as an SD card or USB stick to the NTFS file system, insert it into your computer first and repeat the previous process.

Step 4. Now the conversion path is automatic. Normal Please wait for the processing operation to complete.

And if there is no important data in your USB flash drive or other musical instruments, you can directly select “Format Partition” in 1 step to format your USB flash drive to FAT32 or NTFS in 10/8/7 windows. Similarly, you can try to get the job done using the free built-in Windows CD formatting tools.

Format Your Windows 10 USB Drive To NTFS Using The Windows Format Formatting Tool

Can you format a USB flash drive to NTFS?

Open Device Manager and find your USB drive under the Drives heading. Open “My Computer” > “Format” the flash drive. .Select .NTFS .from the .drop-down .menu .File system .. Click the start button.Click and wait for the system to complete

BecauseRemoving the hard drive directly erases data, you should back up and clean up important records before using any of these methods. If you want to recover data from a formatted USB drive, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you recover your lost data easily.

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Method 1: Format The USB Drive As NTFS Using Windows File Explorer

1. Open Windows 10 Explorer (Windows E), + find the USB drive, right-click it, click Format.

2. Set NTFS as the boot check file system, “Quick Format” and click “Start”, start to format format.

3.When the process is completed, confirm “OK”. and Now USB is NTFS itself.

Method 2: Format The Drive Key To NTFS Using Drives

1 control.Right-click on “This PC”, then “Manage” select “Disk Management”.

2. Find your USB drive, then your external hard drive, then right-click it and choose Format.

3. Set the USB layered file to NTFS, “Quick Format” tick and clickClick “OK” to confirm.


According to the above methods, you will have four ways to format a USB drive to NTFS as one of the ways in Windows 10/8/7. It takes a little effort and time. You can choose according to your preference. Since formatting to an NTFS USB file through File Explorer and Disk Management will result in data loss on your computer, you should consider direct backup.

In addition to looking for the best USB drive formatted with Windows 10, users also ask about the following points:

1. Why can’t I format my Windows 10 USB drive?

format flash drive ntfs windows 10

If your USB drive is not secure, it will definitely not be formatted after you right-click it and format it in Widows Explorer. You currently need to format your USB drive by purchasing cmd or a format disk tool.

To format the USB type for FAT32 driver, currently do the following:

  • Plug in the management USB drive for your Mac.
  • Select Application> Double-click Utilities > and open Disk Utility.
  • Select an expensive side USB drive in the erase selection panel.
  • Rename the USB key, select (FAT) ms-dos as the base format for the main file format and Boot Record for the schema. Then click “Delete”.
  • More>>
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    FAT32 is compatible with all operating systems because it is a simple file system that has been around for a very long time. On the other hand, NTFS is more efficient and effective than FAT because it uses extended data structures to improve existing reliability, disk usage, and performance. However, the use of A has increased, ntfs FAT32 has become even more versatile.

    When choosing which file system to use when formatting a USB flash drive, the two most important factors to consider when making a decision are portability and size limitations. Learn more>>

    Can I use NTFS for Windows 10 bootable USB?

    You can indeed create secret NTFS bootable USB drives. When you refer to a bug with a specific program or phrase, it should include your answer, not a general assertion about the file system found on the bootable USB.

    Should I format USB FAT32 or NTFS?

    If you want to store your files on most surveillance devices and none of the files are typically larger than 4 GB, choose FAT32. If you have files larger than 4GB but need great support across all devices, use ExFAT. If you have files larger than 4GB and mostly share Windows computers, choose NTFS.

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