The Easiest Way To Fix How To Change The Name Of The Router

Today’s guide was created to help you learn how to change the name of a router error.

Open a web browser on a new computer or mobile device.On the address icon, enter the IP address of the router that everyone wrote down in the previous step, then press ENTER.Navigate to the “Wireless” option.Change the default SSID name to Career Path for Wireless Network Name (SSID).Click Save or Apply with confirmation.

How To Find The Default IP Address Of A Router

Often, the actual IP address of a default router can be found in the form of an address easily accessible as the default username and password on the back, side, or under the physical router connection. However, this guide is subject to change, so you will need to reboot your router if you want to reset the modules to their default settings.

how to change the name of a router


How to change the WiFi name: first you you need to access your router’s administrative interface, which can usually be done by entering a specific IP address (usually on a sticker attached to the router’s waistband). Look at your wireless settings and go through them all until youYou won’t find the one where you change your person’s name on the WiFi network. Replace the existing Wi-Fi network tag with the new one and click Save.

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Step One: Find Your Router’s IP Address

Most routers provide web-based management interfaces that can be accessed through a browser by specifying the router’s IP address. . IP address. Your first step is a secure IP address.

Get Your Router’s IP Address Contact Information (web Interface Only)

All standalone routers as well as wireless gateways offer to change the conditions. However, manufacturers may also offer a dedicated mobile app to change the Wi-Fi network name, password, and other ringtone settings from your phone or tablet.

Step 1 – Find Your Router – Log In. More

If you have direct access to your preferred router, it’s easy. There is usually a sticker on the back, and most of them have the router’s IP address, connection management, and a password. Find them and note that they are all below; it looks like this:

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How To Change Your Wi-Fi Password

1. Open your router’s configuration page using any browser on your Mac or PC. To do this, you need to enter the bypass IP address of your router. This is most likely or


In this article, I only explored how to use the hostname command, which is the most obvious configuration option in a computer network, but one that causes problems in a growing network. Thank you for following us!

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how to change the name of a router

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