Fix Missing Wi-Fi Network Card Issues In Windows 10 The Easy Way

Sometimes your system may display a message that there is no wireless network card in Windows 10. There can be several reasons for this problem to occur.

Install Network Card Drivers

If the network driver is not displayed for fewer network cards, you can find it under Other Devices or Unknown Devices. This is the most recommended solution when there is no network map in the procedure manager. Yes, installing the latest community adapter driver will help users fix the problem and restore the wireless network adapter on their computer.

wifi network adapter missing windows 10

How do I fix a missing WIFI adapter?

Is your mobile network adapter missing from your current Windows 10 PC? Do not worry! While it’s frustrating, you’re not the only one with this problem right now. Many Windows 10 users have recently reported the same issue. Basically, you should be able to take the steps to fix it pretty easily…

Check If The Wireless Network Adapter Is Enabled

If you see disabled Wi-Fi adapter Fi, you won’t be able to connect to the network, and it really looks like the Wi-Fi icon is disabled, except for the icon that goes to the taskbar. Once enabled, check if you can name a secure Wi-Fi connection.

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How To Fix The “Missing Network Card” Error

Your network card drivers may differ from the current version of your computer/laptop. But make sure you don’t run into a Windows Update Not Service Running error.

The Network Adapter Doesn’t See Windows 10

Okay. If you usually encounter an issue similar to the Wi-Fi icon is missing, be it this taskbar or your laptop’s network adapter driver, installing the latest technical adapter driver will probably help fix the missing network adapter in Windows 10 at this time.

PART 1. If Your Network Drivers Are Incompatible, It’s Best To Install The Latest And Correct Version!

Well, if your network card is not working due to an incompatibility, here is the fastest solution you can find to install both trusted and latest versions on your Windows 10 PC. Smart Driver Focused on driver updates offering an easy guide to detect and replace faulty, broken, incompatible, corrupted or missing drivers immediately.

wifi network adapter missing windows 10

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